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Halp Where to stay in Fallout: Vegas?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Valve1138, Oct 18, 2010.


Where to stay in Vegas

  1. MGM Grand

  2. Manadrin Oriental

  3. Stoltenborg

  4. I'm too cool for Vegas

  1. MGM Grand looks good, and is reasonably priced. We also love the Mandarin in Boston, so I imagine the one on Vegas is good as well.
  2. I've never been. How long and when are you guys going?
  3. I stayed at the MGM once, I was very underwhelmed and the beds were uncomfortable.
  4. I always liked the way the Luxor is set up. Never stayed overnight there though
  5. if you do it right, you should only be sleeping on the plane ride to and from.
  6. I think the biggest bang for your buck is the Flamingo. Not super expensive but right next to all the nice expensive casino hotels that you would want to check out
  7. MGM is great for sure. I'll be in Vegas November 11-14, staying at the Monte Carlo this time.

    I've also stayed at Golden Nugget and Planet Hollywood, which has a great location mid-strip.
  8. Too far south on the strip for me...
  9. I was going to make Fallout refence, but haven't played it yet, so this post is a placeholder.

    Get on my lvl.
  10. The MGM is crap. No one stays there.
  11. The novelty of the pyramid is cool the first few days but the rooms haven't been updated in twenty years and the "elevators" are rickety

    One thing I noticed about vegas is that all the casinos are the same. A little theme difference but generally they all feel the same except for paris. Even though its a fake sky and trees it still adds a nice tough, especially with the raised ceiling.

    Nyny smells funny.
  12. This.

    Try the bellagio (or how ever you spell it).
  13. pretty authentic then
  14. The fountain show is pretty cool but if you don't get a good spot before it starts you'll wind up standing behind some douchebags talking about a heist.
  15. Very.

    Protip: coyote ugly is even dumber and more pointless as a bar then as a movie.
  16. it happens like every 20 minutes or so....
  17. we had one here for a few years
  18. ocean's eleven joke
  19. And every 20 minutes there's a new big ass crowd :p this is at night though, its easier during the day but the show isn't as good
  20. That 2