What's up, "dude"?

Drool-Boy said:
why would there be a name for an infected elephants butt hair besides just calling it an infected elephant butt hair?

I have no idea, and I certainly am not vouching for the veracity of this piece of information.
Drool-Boy said:
She keeps it in her purse

That would explain the large purse.

zengirl said:
Elephant sexual reassignment surgery :egads:

How do they identify which elephants are candidates for the surgery? Do they have to go through extensive counseling to insure that they will be happy with their new sexual roles? Are there more transsexuals among African or Asian elephants?

dreamwalker said:
It ain't my definition, just what a friend of mine found on a Google search :fly:

Anyway, why should we let facts stand in the way of entertainment?...


I'm pretty sure april doesn't weigh 400lbs adn doesn't have a penis, but it won't stop us from laughing at her because of it!