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whats the best laptop

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by I.C.Water, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. i can get for $1500 or less?
  2. maybe one of the amd 64 emachines:drool:
  3. Dude, you want a Dell. A very sad, slow, no frills Dell.
  4. well actually a friend wants it and sad no frills slow is not what he wants :(
  5. I'm still using a PIII 700 dell lat c600 at home for fine
  6. I got a P3 600 Toshiba that does pr0n just fine for me.
  7. fifteen hundred should get you a fairly decent one these days Id think
  8. are those really as good as everyone says?
  9. haven't looked into them in a few months but I heard no complaints from the compuglobal people who had bought them...nothing but praise
  10. Powerbook or iBook
  11. :elfpenis:

  12. I did see an add for Microcenter that had an HP with an athlon 64 for $999
  13. :fly:
  14. PC
    1. IBM Thinkpad
    2. Dell

    1. Powerbook - ibook