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What's for lunch today?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 15, 2004.

  1. I'm starting off with some spaghetti w/ meatsauce... then maybe i'll get subway :drool:

    how about you guys?
  2. I dunno yet
    But Im fuckin starving already
  3. Leftover chicken enchilada....... :drool:
  4. yeah im hypoglycemic.... if i dont eat i get a bad headache and i become one hell of an asshole. but im eating now! :D
  5. care2share?
  6. hungry already? yeesh! :p
    i don't know what i'm having today. if i go out with the crew, it'll prolly be chicken fingers and fries. if i go out by myself, possibly soup or a sub
  7. A burger, with bleu cheese.
  8. probably wendy's from downstairs
  9. well I get up at 530am and Im not big on breakfast
  10. wendy's? downstairs? you lucky bastid! where do you work?
  11. "the crew"? :p

    subs > * and all my friends get chicken fingers non-stop.... ive never seen a group of guys eat so many of them so consistently
  12. I work at cnn with theac
    we have a big food court downstairs
  13. Dunno, probably whatever the cafeteria has today.
  14. chinese from a family-run establishment downtown called The Riksha.
  15. I should eat, but i'll probably just drink another couple of pints of Gatorade to get over being sick.
  16. how about breakfast. i am starving.
  17. :( want me to come and fluff your pillow?

    and no pillow isnt code for something else

  18. awesome! what do you do there?
  19. :drool:
  20. He warshes Ted Turners underpants