Whats a good, new XBOX game to download?

Forrest Dump said:
you need to help me with usenet so I can download that new vampire game
Best way to cut your teeth on Usenet is to sign up with Easynews and use their web interface. Try it for a month, its only $10. That will allow you to see how things are arranged and posted.

From there you can switch to using Agent (or something similar for Usenet browsing) and $15/mo for unlimited downloads from usenetserver.com.

Lemme know when you sign up with Easynews and I'll walk ya through it.

what about that new call of duty game? is that PS2 only or is it on Xbox too?
I assume you have a DVD burner to get this ON the XBOX ? or is there some kind of fanciful transfer over the LAN ?
fly said:
I can't solder. :(

I've helped a friend of mine mod about 5+ of them so far though. He does the solder, I do everything else.

I used to respect you...but if you can't handle the rod of heat...I'm going to have to look elsewhere for a roll model.

This is a sad day.
A sad day indeed.