What the hell?


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Sep 30, 2004

This image was found wedged behind a picture at the Ear Inn, New York City, in November 1995. There were no identifying marks whatsoever. Post a short synopsis of what you think is going on.

here are some good ones I've read:

"the guy on the bike was tired, so he's taking a rest, he owns the car, and the aliens are his pets, it's that simple "

"Quite obviously this alien is telling us that the buddha is all wrong. The buddha is an alien, much like Lucifer, and Jesus, and Shiva. Or maybe this alien has learned the ways of transcendental meditation from us lower life forms. "

"The bicycle rider was a moron and wasn't watching where he was going. The driver of the car was a little old lady on her way home from an enthralling game of bridge with her friends. The aliens got it all on videotape and are going to send it to RealTV. "
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edit: the aliens caused the accident so that they could test their new re-animation device on the human.
How would his arm get wedged into the grill at that angle?
considering that the left is severed in the foreground of the picture, we can't see what's left of his right, and the thumb is in the proper placement to be a right......... yeah.

Fuck if I know.
I think the two aliens were doing it behind the bush when they heard the crash.
i think its the kinda thing you only understand after 3 shots of everclear
the more I look at that picture, the more I think the flying alien spacecraft had something more to do with it than the aliens behind the bush. I mean, the dead dude is staring RIGHT AT IT!!!!

It looks like a simple car/bike accident...the aliens just figure an incapacitated victim is easier to anally probe. They're opportunists!