What should I do with this?



So my parents got home from their trip to the canary islands, and they brought me something.


They were all excited as they told me they found the "perfect thing for my appartment".
Right.. At the moment this place is a complete mess. Pretty much just a big pile of crap, but NOW its a big pile of crap with this scary looking thing standing on top of it. :wtf:


Every time I look over it seems to be watching me. I think this thing is evil and wants to take over the world or something, right after it kills me in my sleep.. :(

Does wants this lovely little bugger as a christmas present? ;)

Also, what should it be called?
Galen said:
That's pretty cool, but what does it do?
Can you put Star Wars figures on it?
It doesn't really do that much. It just stands there plotting different ways to kill me :(
And yeah it kinda looks like a star wars monster.. Maybe I should sent it to george lucas and see what he thinks ;)
Forrest Dump said:
Other than wanting to swallow your immortal soul, it doesnt appear violent
It would probably be ok to handle as long as you put a bag over it first
Ok, I'll try.. Wish me luck.. :(