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WTF What is the Creepiest Thing that Society Accepts as a Social Norm?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by APRIL, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Its a shit pile that has never made a profit. It's under utilized and constantly bailed out by the government. Fuck Amtrak.
  2. Agreed, but I love taking the train places. If this country had an actual rail infrastructure it wouldn't be so bad. It just takes forever to get anywhere now because there's only like 5 main lines across the country.

    IMHO to really succeed, we need to develop a totally new infrastructure for high speed passenger rail and let freight take over the current system.
  3. Except its a shit ton cheaper to build airports and those can be built without 17 trillion tax dollars.
  4. Trains are ok for travel, as long as being anyplace at a specific time is not on your agenda, and getting on and off in the ghetto works for you.
  5. Pluto is a large asteroid. Large asteroids can't be planets. It's right there in the asteroid career aptitude handbook.
  6. What are these trains of which you speak? Aren't they some sort of public transport where you might have to sit near strangers? Why on earth would anyone take the risk?
  7. But an asteroid can dream can't it?
  8. It will always be a planet as far as I'm concerned... life stopped when I was in 5th grade
  9. I like touching strangers. :drool: :elfpenis:
  10. I don't understand all the hate about taking away Pluto's planet status
  11. it made for cool trivia, like smallest planet, coldest planet, furthest from the sun except those times neptune is.... and it has the best name
  12. Meh?
  13. just stubbornness... same reason when my daughter comes home with homophones, I'm like "no, they are homonyms" we had the world's dumbest argument...turns out we were both right
  14. um, YES. :rant: i can't STAND this!!


  16. Even fat people on scooters gotta eat.

    I've heard from the people upstairs that they get the occasional rascal through the drive up.
  17. No! These people need to stop eating!

    Actually the need to walk to work off some of that disgusting shit!
  18. If that is acceptable then it should be acceptable for me to say something to them to make them cry. They are probably on disability and not working and using our hard earned money to live in the fat of luxury. grr!
  19. They are on disability cuz they chose to neglect themselves and get killer fat!
  20. Totally. I want to be a bully and run over with a box cutter and cut both of their tires so they have to get out and walk.

    I don't understand why people let themselves get this way. I understand being overweight because food is fucking delicious, but eating so much that a motorized cart has to get you around? GEEZUS FUCKING CHRIST that is noooo life. It's sad.