What do you use for spyware?

wonko80 said:
Anyone out there use AVG?

I'm interested in their antivirus for work, and they apparently have a antispyware too.

Or I might just go with Kaspersky as the price isn't bad considering all you get.
I used it, never had problems. Would have kept using it but I bought a ZoneAlarm license and I like having everything done by one app.
I have never actually used AVG for personal use but an old company I worked for at night used it and it was great. Back then if I remember correctly it was also free and comparable to Norton's features. I also know others that use it and love it, here we have always used Norton.

As for spyware/malware I use spybot and hijack this. I have never encountered spyware that those two programs couldnt get except coolwebsearch which I had to use cwshredder for.