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what do you guys think of Boys Don't Cry?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by strawberry love, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Theyre not pussies?

    But I may not understand what youre asking
  2. they are real men! manly men with huge balls.
  3. Disintegration > *
  4. I wouldn't think he had much of a heart. A man that cries, cares. :)
  5. cares with small balls. ew.
  6. hilary swank has looked better
  7. I never have seen it.
  8. This thread confuses and upsets me.
    I think I may cry.
  9. nope, not at all :p

  10. what are you talkin aboot

  11. I still dunno either.
    Men with vaginas I think, but Im not sure.
  12. if its a band. and they are guys then they are obviously gay. if its girls, maybe good. The movie was ok.

  13. just because the wife gave you a lashing when she got home, dont take it out on the thread
  14. are you talking about a band or men the don't cry....:lol:
  15. i thought you where jokin then i clicked thrawns link wtf
  16. The movie people...the movie