What do you guys do when you are lonely?

Pretty day, hot out, music up, windows down, singing at the top of my lungs, driving on the wrong side of the road...

Cheers me up instantly.
I like to take naked pictures of myself and send them to acquaintances I barely know on forums who's names begin with 'M' and end in, oh say, 'illions'. You should do that. :p

I like to draw. Or sometimes I'll get in the car and go for a drive. Sometimes I'll end up at the beach...other times the mountains. Just going for a drive and getting away from everything cheers me up.
Fap. seriously. thats why I try to stay busy.

Dispite the fact that im quite antisocial I actually do like to be in crouds of people. I usually walk the malls, or windowshop. or read Movies are also nice but I feel like a goober sitting there in the theatre by myself waiting for it to start.