What do you collect?

why_ask_why said:
what? I think it's cool :p
it's a timeline of every concert and sporting event I've been to since moving to atlanta
best one that comes to mind is row 1, seat 1 for holyfield v bean at the GA dome...I had don king et al sitting behind me :cool:
also had a press box pass and got to meet every famous black actor ever :)

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Used to collect comic books, way back when. Still have boxes of them in the bedroom closet. Dont really collect anything now. But Im like scottypants in that I dont like a bunch of useless shit laying around my house.

edit - other than the cats.
Onnotangu said:
warhammer models.

Fantasy or 40,000? Just curious.


Many of my 'collections' are just the inevitable result of packratting. Old computer bits, books, legos, yo-yos, games, carburetor jets, and, bafflingly enough, motorcycle mufflers.
I used to collect baseball and comic cards/books and have about I dunno prolly well over 100k basball cards, most bad some valuable.

Right now I just collect a beer belly and an assortment of a ailments
ERage said:
I collect my finger and toenail clippings into a 1 gallon jar in my office. It's taken 3 years but it's almost 1/3 full!

Nah, that's a lie, I don't really collect nail clippings. Or do I :shady:

You know theres a guy over in Australlia that collects his own belly button lint. No lie! Been doing it for years and does indeed keep it in a gallon jar. Just about the grossest thing Ive ever seen!