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What do you collect? (pics)

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by crazymike, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. I collect motorcycles with my dad. Togther we probably have 10+ bikes in various stages of completion. I think this hobby is the reason I currently have $200 to my name.


  2. I collect souls.
  3. I've recently started collecting flashlights hehe. As of now I only have two but they're worth about $210 together. I have another one on the way that I won, worth about $120. And I'm planning on buying two "low end" lights worth $60 together. Not an extremely expensive hobby but most find it quite insane.

    Oooh shiny!
  4. not if I get them first!

  5. what kind of flash lights? like super mag lights?
  6. I collect dust.
  7. I have every movie stub to every move I have seen in theaters since Star Trek V.

    It's a huge stack. I see a lot of movies.
  8. What I have currently is a MagLite (or a knockoff, I'm not sure actually hehe, it's ooold). A SureFire L4 Digital Lumamax (the one in the middle) and a Nuwai QuantumIII (the little black one):

    I should be getting a Streamlight Stinger XTHP eventually (won it in a raffle):

    I also won a $60 gift certificate that I plan on using to buy one or two more lights with, not sure which yet.

    It's not exactly a big collection yet, I've just been bitten by the flashlight bug :p

    Edit: To give an idea of the output of that middle light I compared it to the minimag. Please note that the batteries in the minimag were a bit worn down though (not that it would really matter hehe):
  9. Same here. Some of my stubs you can hardly see the name or date. Show me the stub and I'll tell you who I went with. :p
  10. I collect dead hookers.


    I really don't think that I collect anything.
  11. at the moment, it seems as though i'm collecting computers. i have 4 of them at home. :eek:
  12. DVD's + VHS's.
    I have far too many... and I keep getting the urge to buy more whenever I'm bored.
  13. pics

    Of collection
  14. I dont have pics..
    I own approx 150 dvds, (I've only been collecting for a little under 2 yrs), 25 boxed DVD sets, about 250 VHS movies, and a few laser discs :o
  15. this is the internet. we are a visual society. we require pics.
  16. That's unfortunate.
    pif a cam.
  17. maybe if you weren't buying all those DVDs you could afford a cam.
  18. But then she wouldn't have any collection to take pics of... :eek:
  19. apparently it's a catch 22.