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What are you drinking tonight?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. I had kind of a rough day at work so I stopped and got something special:


    Oh, I got some shiners too;)

    So what are YUO drinking tonight?

    Oh, and if u dont liek my thread:

  2. i dunno if i am gunna drink im sick and feel like ass havent had a drink since saturday must be ready to drink by weekend :(
  3. Look...a red ex lager.

  4. btw did you just install the webcam? havent seen ya doin pics in quite some time
  5. fuckin img shack is being gay again

  6. never had a webcam
    I have a regular camera and I just resized the pics
  7. it works its just slow as fuck
  8. ah
  9. needs more content
  10. You, sir, do not look like a man I want to piss off!
  11. i showed up an hour and a half late for work, i am still here making up for it.
  12. he is a teddy bear :p
  13. oh and drool post pics of your new house ya grumpy old fuck :p
  14. With a gun and alcohol.

  15. ok Ill maek another thread

  16. o Im all cuddly like a fuckin teddy bear and shit
  17. Dude, you look just like me, but bigger, hairier and scarier :fly:
  19. me too