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Feb 10, 2010
Robin Hoodland
[h=2]#22 Weirdest Accent[/h] Massachusetts was voted as having the weirdest accent in the Union. The home of the Kennedy clan and Irish gangsters scored just above Alabama in this prestigious award. The accent developed over time in Irish and Italian neighborhoods, and is now the world-famous accent of celebrities such as Mayor Quimby of the Simpsons. Those western states must be feeling pretty left out right about now.

[h=2]#21 Best Food[/h] New York comes first when it comes to food. Whether it's a slice of cheese pizza or a Waldorf salad, chances are it's better if it's made in New York. Several famous foods are said to have their origins in the Big Apple, such as Eggs Benedict, General Cho's chicken and the Bloody Mary. Even the the age old establishment, the deli, has its roots in New York's Jewish community.

[h=2]#20 Worst Food[/h] We're not sure how many of the people polled have ever actually been to Alaska, but enough of them had a strong opinion about its food: it's the worst! Perhaps that's because many Alaskans routinely eat a dish called "stink heads." Stink heads are fish heads that are buried in the ground to ferment for a few weeks, then dug up and eaten. Yes, rotten buried fish heads really are a thing in Alaska.

[h=2]#19 Least Favorite State[/h] Bad news, Texas: you lose the popularity contest. What can you expect, though, after threatening to secede from the Union so often? Of course, we know not everyone in the Lone Star State can be blamed for your unpopularity. But having the most registered hate groups of any state in the country doesn't exactly help. It's also hot and humid for at least half of the year, which makes for some sticky situations.

[h=2]#18 Favorite State[/h] After their home states, the majority of Americans picked California as their favorite. The Prom Queen of States is famous for its sunshine, redwood forest, deserts and palm trees. Most of our country's movie magic also hails from the Sunshine State, and this part of the West Coast is famous for its beaches. If you're just passing through, though, it might be hard to think of anything but the traffic on I-5.

[h=2]#17 Craziest State[/h] And that I-5 traffic may just be what drives Californians so freaking nutty. The majority of those polled chose California as the craziest state. Maybe it's because they're just sick of all the attention. Being the most popular state brings with it quite a lot of responsibility, and Cali may have just cracked under the pressure.

[h=2]#16 Hottest Residents[/h] What is it about California? They're the favorite, the craziest, and now they have the hottest residents? When googling "why are californians so," the first auto-complete turns out to be "skinny." Since the sun is almost always shining in much of the state, and it's rarely too cold, perhaps people tend to get more exercise. Or maybe there's just something in the water? The world may never know.
[h=2]#15 Ugliest Residents[/h] Sorry, Alabama. America thinks your people look... well, special. It's not clear why those polled chose to pick on Alabamans, but to be fair, this was not exactly a scientific poll; only 113 people participated. So let's get real: we all know that Alabamans are beautiful (on the inside).

[h=2]#14 Most Beautiful Scenery[/h] Colorado wins the beautiful scenery pageant, and it's clear why. The Rocky Mountains dominate the state, which is the only state in the country whose overall elevation is over 1,000 feet. The Great Continental Divide, which separates North America's eastern and western waterways, cuts right through the state. Colorado boasts canyons, rivers, waterfalls and plains.

[h=2]#13 Worst Scenery[/h] Unless you're really into farms, the state of Kansas is probably not on your vacation list. With the lay of the land being generally flat, there really isn't much to look at besides the ground and the sky. Those are two things that you can probably look at from home. Perhaps you'd care to visit one of Kansas' 6,000 ghost towns?

[h=2]#12 Drunkest State[/h] Congratulations go out to Louisiana, America's drunkest state. We knew they could pull it off! New Orleans, the home of America's largest Mardi Gras celebration, is also a city where you can drink in the street without having to hide your booze in a paper bag. This distinguished award finally gives Louisiana something to celebrate.

[h=2]#11 Best Vacation Spot[/h] Did anyone really doubt that Hawaii would win this contest? America's favorite vacation spot features world-class surfing, unmatched beaches, constant volcanoes and loads of things to do. You could scuba dive with the dolphins in the morning and take a helicopter tour after lunch. You could lay on the beach all day sipping some fruity island drinks if that's your thing. The Islands of Aloha seem to have something for everybody.
[h=2]#10 Most Arrogant[/h] Cool it, New York, we know you have the best food in the country and the biggest financial center and the coolest, most action-packed cop shows. Sure, your city's subways are gritty and the streets can be scary and somehow you made it through the day unscathed, ready to face the world again. You don't have to rub it in our faces. Just because you're America's melting pot, and you harbor the largest city in the country, that doesn't make you better than us. Take it down a notch!

[h=2]#9 Rudest State[/h] Sigh. New York just doesn't seem to know how to get its act together. The most arrogant state just had to be the rudest, didn't it? New Yorkers are known for their straightforward attitudes. We know life in the big city can be rough, but it seems like the people who took this poll have decided to just pick on the entire state!

[h=2]#8 Nicest State[/h] Georgia is a state that's well known for its Southern hospitality. Perhaps it's all the family-friendly festivals. Or it could possibly be all the sweet tea everyone drinks there, all the time, 24/7. Whatever it is, Americans seem to think Georgia is the friendliest state of all.

[h=2]#7 Smartest State[/h] Massachusetts has been voted the smartest state in the country. The home of MIT, Harvard, and Wellesley, this state is overflowing with knowledge. Massachusetts residents pride themselves on their intelligence, and are encouraged to develop their talents from a very young age. There's even a preschool in the state called Smartypants Academy.

[h=1][/h] [h=2]#6 Dumbest State[/h] Well, someone has to come last in just about any contest. Of course, this was just an opinion poll. According to the American Human Development Index, Mississippi is actually the third dumbest state. The true winner of this honor goes to West Virginia, followed closely by Arkansas.
[h=2]#5 Worst Sports Fans[/h] New York is at it again. Perhaps they're the worst sports fans because they're the rudest, most arrogant sports fans? Or maybe it's the indigestion from all that delicious food. We're not exactly sure what this question means, though. Are they just bad at being fans? Or are they terrible people who are also fans?

[h=2]#4 Best Sports Fans[/h] Well, apparently, the worst sports fans are also the best sports fans. Confusing, yes, but doesn't this just show the duality and dynamics of human nature inherent in us all? Also, New York just has some awesome, passionate sports fans. Both Yankees and Mets fans are proud supporters of their teams, and Giants and Jets fans love their rivalry. Nothing wrong with getting excited for your team!

[h=2]#3 America's Least Wanted[/h] This is harsh. If Americans had to choose which state to kick out, like a giant, nationwide episode of Big Brother, we would apparently choose Texas. But Texas wouldn't mind. In fact, Governor Rick Perry might just hurry up and secede before accepting any official vote from the rest of the contestants. That's the Texas way.

[h=2]#2 Most Overrated[/h] The most popular kids always get stabbed in the back, don't they? Despite being the most popular state with the hottest, craziest residents, Americans also chose California as the most overrated. It's true, though, that things are not always sunny in the Sunshine State. (Nighttime comes to mind). We suppose any state that gets that many cool titles has to be taken to task once in awhile.

[h=2]#1 Most Underrated[/h] Last but not least, Oregon has been chosen as the most underrated state in the U.S., followed by Alaska and Maine. Oregon's scenic coastline, mountains, and hot springs do attract plenty of tourists each year, but it doesn't really receive that much attention. Maybe the characters in Portlandia can turn things around for the state's publicity levels. Or maybe not!
[h=2]#22 Weirdest Accent[/h] Youpers, namely ones from wisconsin

[h=2]#21 Best Food[/h] SF for food, hate the city, but they have some amazing food

[h=2]#20 Worst Food[/h] north dakota? No idea really.

[h=2]#19 Least Favorite State[/h] New mexico, its all meth, and hot.

[h=2]#18 Favorite State[/h] North Carolina is pretty great

[h=2]#17 Craziest State[/h] california is always doing dumb shit

[h=2]#16 Hottest Residents[/h] no clue
#18 Favorite State

After their home states, the majority of Americans picked California as their favorite. The Prom Queen of States is famous for its sunshine, redwood forest, deserts and palm trees. Most of our country's movie magic also hails from the Sunshine State, and this part of the West Coast is famous for its beaches. If you're just passing through, though, it might be hard to think of anything but the traffic on I-5.

Yup, now we know this is some kind of fraud. Everyone in America knows that the 'Sunshine State' is Florida.

Nice try though. You put in an awful lot of effort here.
A completely outsourced, anecdotal, copy pasta.

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The only thing the list gets right is Mississippi being full of dumbasses.

The only thing that brought them up from the bottom over the years was Education money they get from the Casino's in Biloxi. They are living proof if you invest in schools you can even make a bunch of back woods idiots a bit smarter.
The bad thing about these polls is it's basically just based on stereotypes since most people hardly every travel outside of their region if at all.