wewt, won a golf tournament yesterday

Drool-Boy said:
Hay look, I went and got some tshirts made!

Does the back say "Only at ...
Flamer McDickchugger said:
Not cool.
Sarcasmo 7/25/05 ON THIS FORUM said:
What's your last name? Goodner is actually anglicized from Von Gutner, from the German (75% Norwegian blood) patriarch on my dad's side.

My mom's maiden name is Jonsted (pronounced Yonsted).

Bubbles said:
My picture is still on the wall next to the gold plated panties I wore that day.
Did you like win anything or did they say 'youre full of shit'?

edit for funnier question: Was the gold plating enough to stop Chris?
InnerMuse said:
Von Gutner, eh? No wonder he's so grumpy. You'd be too if you had unterwäsche crammed that far up your a$$...

Don't start with me, you little floozy. One little phone call to the the Bundeswehr and you'll disappear.