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GAY Well this is interesting

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by dbzeag, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. Thank you Obama for throwing us another bone.

    This is a great step forward in removing DOMA.

    I am curious how this works in states like Ohio with their DOMA-like laws that do not recognize even domestic partners.

    Civilly, Ohio does not recognize anything but a marriage and a marriage can only be one man and one woman. Fine, but when an employee is a federal government employee has a partner, they are now required to acknowledge the legality of the relationship. Which one trumps the other?
  2. Obama doesn't like straight white people.
  3. Of course not. They waste lube on the Gulf instead of using it in the bedroom.
  4. I imagine it works the way any international or national company works. Just because Ohio doesn't recognize it doesn't mean that a company can't choose to recognize it. A federal employee is a federal employee no matter where they live. If the feds decide to give them benefits, Ohio has no say in it. They don't prevent private firms from doing whatever they choose to do either.
  5. Whenever the two are in conflict, federal law will always trump state law.
  6. i suppose people would get over it if he didn't spend every tv interview he's ever had talking about it
  7. He just answers the questions. He doesn't make public speeches about it (that often). It's not like he rewords interviewer questions to talk about this. But he does make a point to let people know his history and where he comes from and his philosophies on the matter. A fair more interesting and honorable thing than anything Lindsey Lohan has ever done.
  8. You could compare a lot of people to Lindsey Lohan and they would come out looking like heros. Not the greatest of comparisons.
  9. It still counts.
  10. Lindsay Lohan > Duke.