Well that was a productive 2hours.

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Clam whisperer
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
Decided it would be best to give a prior notice to your government because I am sending a jar of Marmite etc. to my secret santa. It took me 2hours+ to get through all the form filling, box ticking and general bullshit until I could finish. I'm sending 4 food items and in order to do this your gorvernment wants: Name of product, type of product, address of manufacturer, shipping address (yeah, cos I know how the mail system works), the type of packaging, the way it is packaged, name of recipient, pretty much all the ingredients etc. etc. Talk about paranoid fucks. The only thing that kept me from punching the screen and containing my seething anger was the fact that one of the options for packaging was "sea chest". I'd like an exact description of what a sea chest is and if it has to have booty in.