Weekend Plans

Mean Mr. Mustard

Always shouts out something obscene
Sep 30, 2004
So what are you guys doing this weekend?

Tomorrow I'm taking my son to a sheep shearing festival at a local private park and then heading downtown for an international festival sponsered by my work. Food, music, and dancing from around the world.

Sunday is the first game of my work Softball league and will probably take my son to feed the ducks afterwards. I hope to squeeze in some house cleaning and yard work in there too.
bill's mom is coming to visit this weekend, so i'll be hanging out with them. other than that, i'm getting bill's b-day present and hopefully gaming for a while :cool:
I have super ultra secret plans that I cannot divulge. But I will post pics of the carnage on Monday.
the bastages are making me work tomorrow morning, then it's underwears and beer goodness till monday morniing
I think I'm going to be doing the following: tonight, visit with family, sleep. Tomorrow, work outside (weather permitting), more family stuff, watch my oldest daughter perform TaeKwonDo during halftime at the Trailblazer game. Sunday, not sure yet...... hopefully resting up for another lazy week at work :D