GAY Weekend plans?

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

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Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
Not sure on mine yet. I had planned to walk the dog with her brother who we've not seen since I took her at 9weeks but she's come into season so I will have to avoid everyone now. :( Decorating my dining room is top on my list and doing some uni work. Also hopefully finding time to finish BL2 first playthrough.
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going to a local mma event tonight to see my buddy fight, and going to see my tattoo guy this weekend for a new design
clean house today before shabbat (Jewish sabbath), whiskey, food, whiskey, sleep
Saturday, synagogue, food, whiskey, visit friends with family...maybe a movie at night
Sunday, wife is working all day so kid duty
Monday holiday here so vet apt and grocery shopping
going out to this Lounge in Toronto with some friends and Chandler ( :fly: )
sat i will drive back home and clean clean clean since my little guy will be visiting with his sperm donor this weekend.
i might have some friends over on sat nite... not really sure, its all up in the air... its gonna be an easy breezy weekend...