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Hawt Weekday Drinking Thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by tre, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Because who wants to wait till the weekend?

    I'm off today, and I just cracked a beer. Grasshopper Wheat Ale, from Big Rock brewery in Alberta. It's quite nice.
  2. I had a bottle of arrogant bastard night before last
  3. what happened to the uncle glug thread?
    Has anyone been updating the charts?
  4. I haven't updated charts since the move :(

    But yeah, waiting for the weekend is lame++
  5. I had a glass of grappa on Wednesday night. Nothing last night because I ran 4 miles at 7am this morning. I will be cracking a beer the minute I get home tho.
  6. Chim and I hosted a beer tasting event last night. Wednesday night was a vodka tasting with some nude hot tubbing and Belgian beer sipping. Tuesday was Sapporo with hibachi dinner. Monday was I think my only clean night lol.
  7. oh oh oh what kind?!??!
  8. Um, road running on double-yellow and a paved trail? :p
  9. Ugh, never heard of those breweries. I am sure chim has, though.
  10. Same as other thread. Sloe Gin with tonic water. Or without. Depending on how hard I'm feeling, which today is pretty damn solid.
  11. How could you be clean without drinking? One must rely on the booze for internal cleansing.
  12. tsrh.
  13. I am back on Oregon so I have been enjoying many a nice micro brew every day of the week. I forgot how much I luv the good stuff. Thank goodness I did not loose my taste for it.