Hawt Weekday Drinking Thread


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Oct 15, 2004
Because who wants to wait till the weekend?

I'm off today, and I just cracked a beer. Grasshopper Wheat Ale, from Big Rock brewery in Alberta. It's quite nice.
I had a glass of grappa on Wednesday night. Nothing last night because I ran 4 miles at 7am this morning. I will be cracking a beer the minute I get home tho.
Chim and I hosted a beer tasting event last night. Wednesday night was a vodka tasting with some nude hot tubbing and Belgian beer sipping. Tuesday was Sapporo with hibachi dinner. Monday was I think my only clean night lol.
I am back on Oregon so I have been enjoying many a nice micro brew every day of the week. I forgot how much I luv the good stuff. Thank goodness I did not loose my taste for it.