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week 6 nfl thread

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shamwow, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. here's my picks for tomorrow:
    NE -4 over Seattle
    Philly -10 over Carolina
    Detroit -3 over GB
    San Diego +6 over ATL (had to go against ATL with the spread...they NEVER cover)
    Minn -4 over NO
    Pitt +3 over Dallas
    Chicago -1 over Wash
    I'm bound to win one of my cards sooner or later:mad:
  2. no love for the gambling? geeks should love that shit! play with numbers and make money! :(
  3. GO SKINS!!!!
  4. hope that one doesn't bite me in the ass

  5. I hope it does ;) And you knew I was gonna post that as soon as you made this thread :p
  6. cincinnati will shame cleveland again
  7. come to think of it, cleveland does that all by their lonesome

  8. Again? Last I saw, Cincy was Clevelands bitch in terms of this rivalry.

    EDIT: Who shut Cincy out of the playoffs last year?

  9. i was referring to this season, and didnt cleveland give cincinatti the win that started their streak last year?
  10. cleveland sucks

  11. :D Wrong!


    We finally win again!
  12. that game cost me $625:rant:

    edit: need to find a real bookie...this card shit is killing me
  13. :eek: If it was me I would find a less expensive weekend hobby.
  14. investment was only $13:D
    parlay cards are awesome but very hard to win
  15. That's :cool:

  16. Don't always bet against the skins :p
  17. holy shit the texans won!

  18. Haven't they won 3 games already? (Including this one)
  19. Fricking Pittsburg the one team I don't want to lose is the Cowboys. :mad: