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Way too much coffee

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 18, 2004.

  1. Ive drank a whole goddamn pot of coffee this morning. Usually I only drink a cup and a half.
    Now Im all fucking jittery. Plus I keep peeing like every 10 minutes. I mean like a big long whizz, too.
    I fear I may wear out my urethera before lunch time:(.
    Its Im on coke + beer without the euphoria.

    do yuo liek cofe?
  2. God I love coffee, how I miss it so...
  3. I think Im od-ing
  4. Futurama - 100 cup of coffee episode
  5. I really don't like plain coffee. But, I do like the flavored variants of it that Starbucks and others sell.......
  6. Whatever you do, don't drink a lot of beer until after the caffeine wears off.

    There'll be a war in your head.

  7. what season is that from?
    I have 1-3 on dvd and dont remember that one
  8. What about cafinated beer?

  9. good lord, Im barely able to keep the voiced inmy head under control as it is without them fighting with eachother
  10. I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. I feel like hell.
  11. don't joke about that budweiser is coming out with beer that has caffeine, guarana, and ginseng in it. It'll be the new redbull.

    Oh, and I :heart: coffee. I could drink it all day long.
  12. just a second.
  13. "Three Hundred Big Boys"

    *spoilers follow*

    Nixon & Zap's army win a war against the spider people, and claim a bunch of treasure.
    Everyone gets a dividend from the treasure, and everyone comes up with ways to spend it.

    Bender buys thief tools to steal a huge cigar, Fry vows to buy 100 cups of coffee, Leela swims with a whale.

    Fry shakes so much from all the caffene that he can't hold still. Eventually Fry hits the 100th cup, and suddenly sees the world in slow motion. He runs around at super speed.
    Really funny.

  14. That's the sardine one.

  15. christ, thats all we need is hyper drunks:wtf:
  16. I could swear I've seen a caffeinated malt beverage somewhere.

  17. I know, that's what made me think of it.
    If caffeine + beer is bad... :wtf:
  18. S05E11 - Three Hundred Big Boys

    knew it was wrong as soon as i pressed submit.
  19. Well Im not seeing the world in slow motion yet, so all isnt lost.
    Plus my peepee isnt sore yet.