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Thread WAW's right. I haven't been here in a while :(

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Penis Envy, Mar 29, 2010.

  1. 'SUP useless!! Miss you guys, sorry i've been very busy. Updates updates updates..

    1. hydroplanned the porsche
    2. Porsche got fixed
    3. 3 weeks away from finishing P90X - results so far, dropped about 15lb of the jiggly and gained about 8 lb of muscle. Still a long way to go, but it's a start
    4. Started a new hobby, track days with the porsche. No real photos to speak of yet, but i did buy a Gopro HD so i'll post videos after my Houston track day on the 17th and 18th of next month
    5. Work is work
    6. Might be recruited by Oracle for some Pre-sales BI work.
    7. Bought a treadmill, and yes i even use it!!
    8. My penis misses fly
    9. My bumhole misses Ape
    10. My intestines miss drool
    11. Broke my cell - got a palm pre - may return it for a Touch Pro 2 (sprint sucks for phones :( )

    i have no more updates i can think of at this point. Ask questions if you'd like. If you don't and just want to tell me this isn't a blog site, feel free.

    oh yeah..

    Fly, the new site is putrid. Sorry :(
  2. who the fuck are you?
  3. Sleeman?
  4. inline :heart:
  5. :lol: I thought this at first too.

    Hi Justin1!! Damn you and your name rapes.
  6. Ma171ac aka inline aka miata man aka metro man aka man slut!
  7. I like the Touch Pro 2 so far, except for the whole touch screen thing.

    It works for scrolling at least.
  8. Do you miss your HD buddies? :fly:
  9. Inline - the whole reason we have a blog tag. :fly:
  10. While Im sure its nice, it seems odd to chose it over the Palm Pre.
  11. As far as I can tell, the Pre is kind of useless.

    Yay for another proprietary OS from Palm! Wooooo!
  12. Dude, wait until the summer. The HTC Evo 4G is going to rock so hard :drool:

    If you are still in Texas, wanna get some drinks?
  13. Dost my ears deceive me? Did you just say something positive about Sprint?

    Oh and the Hero apparently is getting better reviews than the Droid
  14. About the phone and the 4g coverage and the cheap rates and very fast data through 3G let alone 4G and what is universally the best phone release of the year? Yes I will say a couple of good things about Sprint.
  15. While in Houston, hit me up. Moved here just over a month ago.
  16. Yup.. it's inline. Can i have one of my old freakin names back please? It took me forever to remember who i was for the damn login.

    1. I'm heading up friday afternoon to Tampa, so yeah, lets grab a drink when i get there.
    2. Yeah, The hero looks cool, but i REALLY want a keyboard. Can't wait for the 4g as i totalled my mogul. LOL
    3. :heart: everyone. :D

    The only reason i don't care for the touch pro is.. $350 dollars for a reactive touch screen. SERIOUSLY!@?@!. The pre is cool, i'll give it another week. If i don't get used to the keyboard it's going the way of the dodo. Update to 1.4 really hosed this thing.
  17. Are you still riding your bike?
  18. Huge gamble depending on their 4g coverage, but from what I've seen I want to have sex with that phone.
  19. negative. Traded it in for the porsche. Only miss it a little. I may pick up another bike closer to summer time
  20. 4G coverage in the big Texas cities ;)

    And Cleveland :(