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Was it one of you guys?

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Mustard Dispenser, Oct 12, 2004.

  1. My title at that other foram has been jacked:mad:
    And its not even funny.

    "Living proof that Texas = not enough trees = not enough oxygen = completely retarded"

    It makes me sad cuz FatNaziBurger bought me the otherone like a few days after I regged there:(
  2. Doubtful, none of us ever spends any money there.
  3. Probably that dumbshit Pinky
  4. What was your other one?
  5. Why, he have a case of the redass for me?
  7. Not that I know of, he just hates Texas
  8. wait, what other forum? :confused:
  9. The forum that has not been blessed with the presence of :gloerf:
  10. I wish someone would buy me a new title. I don't like the grammar in mine.
  12. apparently whoever bought me the new one doesnt feel I qualify for allstar status:p
  13. Your title sucks, whoever did that was pretty :tard:
  14. It was some kid braggin about his company and how he sucks in school and stuff.
  15. Oh yeah, that genius. Who was that?
  16. hell if I know. I think he may have been crushed by a falling stack of bullshit.
  17. Sweet, that's the best way to go IMO
  18. Not I. I don't trust the fake-Paypal
  19. MikePal

  20. Well, I would expect far better than that out of you anyway sir