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[Contest] vBookie: UFC 123 Rampage vs Machida

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. 1k on Rampage
    2k on BJ Penn
    2k on Phil Davis
  2. i want machida and hughes to win, just don't think it's realistic.

    that aussie has been kicking some ass, should be a walk in the park for him.
  3. Machida should have his hands full with Rampage as Rampage looks to be in great shape.

    Soti and J-Lau should be a good fight actually. Their styles match up really well..
  4. Penn, Machida, G-Sot.

    looking forward to Penn-Hughes. I hope Rampage is focused, I miss the old Rampage.

    Lauzon-Sottiropoulous should be fight of the night
  5. I bet against the Aussie, just for fun. :D
  6. Go all in you pussy.
  7. Davis looks like a serious prospect if his standup is brought up to a level to match his ground game.
  8. penn-hughes fight was disappointing. not because hughes lost, just because it was over before we actually got to see any fighting.

    i wish machida and rampage would've had 2 more rounds... or started off the way they did in the 3rd instead of waiting.
  9. I really want to see Soti fight Penn.

    Good night of fights though..
  10. It's kinda funny that Rampage came out to the theme music from Pride, but he would have lost if the fight was under Pride rules.
  11. How long was Rampage in jail for his dumbass truck stunt?
  12. he didn't go to jail for it
  13. WTF? He goes crazy and starts slamming into random vehicles, then a police chase in a truck with his name and face on the side of it, and resists arrest and gets nothing?! It pays to be famous.
  14. Money talks and bullshit walks..