[Contest] VBookie: UFC 121 Lesnar vs Velasquez


¡ɟɟo ʞɔnɟ ʇunɔ 'ᴉO
Nov 11, 2008

Live on Pay Per View

Main card

Note: All draws are considered losses.
Valesquez via decision
Kampmann via decision
Tito via decision
Sanchez via TKO rnd 2
Gonzaga via TKO rnd 2
You're a Lesnar fanboy?

i hate lesner, but i think cain is a giant pussy. the not very impressive nog is the only real opponent he's beaten, and the only one he KO'd instead of tapping 300 times while dancing around the ring. rothwell was TKO'd by the ref after he stood up and ate cain's punches with zero issues at all...

brock on the other hand manhandled couture, pummeled mir the second time, and somehow managed to beat carwin. for all his retard faults, he's improved his mma game a shitton over the past 3 years, is fast as fuck, is huge as fuck, is strong as fuck, and was a very formidable d1 wrestler in his college years.

I honestly don't think cain stands a chance against lesner. really, what's he have to offer? 300 sissy punches? this is the heavyweight, usually one punch is enough, at the very least 10-20 solid punches should really fuck up an opponent.
Everyone is the Heavyweight division has KO power. Cain has proved he has ground wrestling, which should pose some trouble for Lesnar. Not to mention the speed of Cain's hands being the quickest hands Lesnar has ever faced. If Carwin could step in on Lesnar and tag him, Cain definitely can. Though I suspect Lesnar will want to make this a pure wrestling match so the striking may not be a factor.

I think Cain definitely has the right style to give Lesnar his hardest fight to date.