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Sep 30, 2004
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Useless Trivia

1. Why did God destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?

Your Answer: The citizens were evil
Question by player dana208. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

2. An American icon for 'Outlaw', this man was a 'raider' during the American Civil War, then robbed banks and trains, and was finally shot by one of his own compatriots.

Your Answer: Jesse James
Question by player Pat6789. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

3. What was the code name for the allied efforts to create an Atomic Bomb?

Your Answer: The Manhattan Project
The first allied atomic bomb to be used against an enemy target was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan on August 6th, 1945, between 240,000 and 270,000 citizens died as a result.

Question by player paulsr. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

4. This ground-dwelling desert native, famous for snake killing and cartoon appearances, is really a member of the cuckoo family.

Your Answer: Roadrunner
Unlike many cuckoos, roadrunners do care for their own young.

Question by player crisw. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

5. Mrs. John F. Kennedy's first name was?

Your Answer: Jacqueline
Question by player treetop. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

6. Which card is the deuce?

Your Answer: two
Question by player minch. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

7. The song 'A Whole New World' won an Oscar in 1992. The song is from what movie?

Your Answer: Aladdin
The song was written by Alan Menken and Tim Rice.

Question by player Vermic. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

8. Which of the following set a record for most hits in a season with 257?

Your Answer: Mac MacArthur
The correct answer was George Sisler.

Question by player Nightmare. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

9. Which maiden name is common to Marge Simpson and Jacqueline Kennedy?

Your Answer: Bouvier
Question by player jonieklein. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

10. This singer joined Frank in "Ultimate Event Tour" in 1988. It was this singer's mother however that was a true friend to Sinatra up until her death in the 1960s. Who was this diva with the world famous mother?

Your Answer: Liza Minnelli
Question by player seamax. ( Submit Correction ) ( Play Original Quiz )

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