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Useless Cribs

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Syrup Beaver, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. God, I was about to blast you for asking $386k for a house that size, but then saw that you have some land to go with it- cool.

    Great movie too :fly:
  2. You're obviously unfamiliar with the Boston area real estate market, that's cheap
  3. Really? Wow, sounds JUST like Portland, OR. Over-inflated real estate around here too.

  4. Yeah I was about to say. That looked awfully cheap to me.

    (My house is 1600 sq. ft. .18 acres of land and I could sell it today for 265K)

    EDIT: That's one damn nice kitchen there.
  5. it's not a mtv cribs house until you have random people sitting on your couches
  6. I was wondering why you were making a thread about an infant's sleeping area.

    Then I realized what you were talking about.

    I'm so unhip it's amazing my pants don't fall off.
  7. i kept expectin some boomin techno beat to start
  8. Closer to Boston that would be $700k, without the land
  9. They were all in the basement.

    In the freezer
  10. in a box labeled "Dove Chocolate Icecream Bars"

  11. With praelines and cream and Mississippi Mud... and CHOCOLATE ERUPTION!
  12. Some of 'em were Jello Pudding Pops
  13. needs more "This is where the magic happens" in the master bedroom scene.
  14. #15 shamwow, Oct 21, 2004
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2004
    that music made me weepy...was that the "house of chikken - sonata in B"?
  15. A three bedroom, 1 and a half bath, two car garage, no backyard house can sell for 600k here.
  16. :lol:

    No idea, I wish I had been able to pick the music.

    It would've been Frank Zappa - Weasels Ripped My Flesh
  17. I would've picked FZ - dynamo hum personally :p
  18. Hay nice house!
    You did an excellent job of putting on a facade of normalcy

  19. noway, shoulda been Dont Eat the Yellow Snow , or My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama