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WTF US man attempts solo mission to find Bin Laden

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by DJBrenton, Jun 16, 2010.

  1. U.S. Man Held in Pakistan Had Sights on bin Laden

    ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — A middle-aged American construction worker, on a self-proclaimed mission to help American troops, armed himself with a dagger, a pistol, a sword, Christian texts, hashish and night vision goggles and headed to the lawless tribal areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan to hunt down, single-handedly, Osama bin Laden.
    Larimer County Sheriff's Office, Via Associated Press

    Pakistani police detained the man on Monday, according to a police official from the border district of Chitral in Pakistan — an area widely rumored to hide Mr. bin Laden. On Tuesday, the man was transferred to Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s northwest, a Pakistani security official said. He was identified by several variations of the name Gary Brooks Faulkner; some news reports said he was a construction worker.

    Many details of the man’s mission remain a mystery, including the relevance of an intriguing parallel with his quarry: bad kidneys.

    On June 12, the heavily bearded Mr. Faulkner checked into the Ishpata Inn in the Bumboret Valley, a picturesque area far from any city and without telephone contact with the rest of the country, the police in Chitral said.

    He disappeared a day later, and the police sent out a search party to find him. They tracked him down in the village of Sheikhanandeh. He threatened to kill anyone who got close to him, according to the Chitral police officials.

    “He was roaming in the security zone in a suspicious manner,” said the Chitral police chief, Jaffer Khan, according to Reuters. “He had a dagger and night vision goggles with him. He is being investigated.”

    American officials were circumspect. A spokesman for the United States Embassy in Islamabad said the American consulate in Peshawar, the regional capital of northwestern Pakistan, was alerted on Tuesday morning that an American citizen had been detained, but that officials had not yet been able see him. The official did not say where the American was being held, and said privacy laws prevented them from identifying him.

    Reuters cited Mumtaz Ahmed, a senior police official in Chitral, as saying that Mr. Brooks was hunting Mr. bin Laden because he had suffered personal losses in the Sept. 11 attacks in the United States. The New York Daily News published an interview with a woman identified as his sister, Deanna Faulkner, who said he had been “extremely religious since his troubled youth,” and that his kidneys were failing.

    “I’m guessing that he wanted to do one last thing for his country before he died," she was quoted as saying.

    Mr. Ahmed confirmed that the man was carrying medicines for kidney and blood pressure treatment” and told The Associated Press that Mr. Faulkner had a book containing Christian verses and teachings.

    But he was also carrying a pistol with forty rounds, a night vision device, a camera, a dagger, a knife and a small quantity of hash, according to a security official who asked not to be identified because he was not allowed to speak publicly on the matter.

    The official said that the man told the police that he wanted to go to the Afghan province of Nuristan, just across the border, “to locate Bin Laden and kill him.” He also said he wanted to help American forces.

    Officials said that the man had made several trips to Pakistan in the last seven years and had been many times to Chitral in the last three. It was unclear what he had done on those trips.
  2. I think the technical term for the guy is "coocoo for cocopuffs"
  3. Police have released his picture

  4. For some reason this story reminds of this song;

    Came up on a worried man, asked him if he had a light.
    He reached on down, dug in his shoe, figured in his sock he might.
    He asked if he could come and join, at what we was partakin' in.
    I says,"Ol' soul if you got a match, you also got yourself a friend".
    The smoke drew hard but laid in good, the neon gave us extra shine.
    We passed around a flask of Knockando, and a half litre bottle of wine.
    The worried man dropped down to his knees, and let out with a somber groan.
    He looked up to me and when I asked, he said,"I'm just restin' my bones".
    I looked down at him, and him up at me, then a smile rose above his chin.
    He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down, said," Listen to me now my friend".
    When I was your age I did it all, more than many men could do,
    now my possessions are the ones I wear on my back, and this lighter I keep in my shoe.
    That's why I'm restin' my bones.
    I'm restin' my bones for the times I fell, fell and hit myself on the ground.
    Restin' my bones for the loneliness, of being the only genius around.
    I'm restin' my bones for prosperity, in hopes that it'll do me some good.
    I'm restin' bones from amphetamines, see they turned teeth to balsa wood.
    I'm restin' bones for Johnny Cash, 'cause for me and mine he's wearin' black.
    I'll be restin' my bones for Elvis, I seen him last week at the track.
    If I'm restin' bones and you come along, just try and tippy toe on by.
    'cause when I'm restin' bones I hope to sleep, and maybe slip away and die.
  5. Bin Laden has been dead since around December 2001.
  6. bullshit.
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    He's used like the bogeyman to get funding. Dude was doing dialysis in a cave. He was in super bad health in late 2001 and even then the Bush Administration thought his last video in dec 2001 was released after his death to cover it up.

    Lots of links to various news articles of that time from legit , as legit as mainstream news is, sources.
  8. That might be middle aged for merry olde Englande, but 'round here middle aged construction workers are slightly portly red-faced fellers with a moustache and stained hi-viz yellow t-shirts.
  9. [duke]

  10. I guess it does make more sense for a bad diabetic, with hep C, bad kidneys, that showed stroke signs in his last video, and was rumored to had a bad foot wound living in caves or the desert has been nice and health for the last 10 years even though he was one of the most wanted people on the planet.
  11. Works for Pamela Anderson
  12. Most recent leaks say he's in Sabzevar, Iran though
  13. I believe he has been murdered. I remember a lady who was running for President of Pakistan said she knew he had been murdered, then she was assassinated not long after.. hmmmmmm
  14. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. there never was an osama bin laden. he was the terrist equivalent of max headroom
  16. Can we risk that he wasn't actually trying to JOIN Bin Laden?

    Kill him.
  17. I meant to put leaks in quotes but forgot to.
  18. Bin Laden doesn't get a booster shot of Tommy Lee's penis every once in a while to keep him going. Only Mick Mars.
  19. I can totally see that is another reason on why we need to invade Iran.