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Upsetting Britney Spears pics: identify what's on her face, please!

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by shockthemonkey, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. acne medicine
  2. I've never seen acne medicine that's that thick.... but it makes sense
  3. Maybe she's growing cultures on her face. :dunno:
  4. That's her??

    She looks terrible.
  5. according to forum heresay, the pics of her on her new albums are from 2 years ago because she knows she looks like, and I quote him quoting her "a porn star"

    who knows
  6. its acne cream. notice the zits around her mouth? im not going to conjecture how they got there... (probably make up)

    a lot of people we think are beautiful look dreadful without makeup and the right lighting
  7. in her case, light is not her friend
  8. Britney's losing it, ever since she got with that nasty guy.
  9. Ya Im sure she just casually sits around with a load of skeet on her face. Shes not a porn star you know.
    Not yet anyway.
  10. i wouldnt put it past her
  11. This post made me really laugh.

  12. It's only a matter of time...

    For her and the Olsen twins..
  13. together

  14. Even better...
  15. Olsen twins are gunna have to get one hell of a coke habit to blow a billion dollars and need to do porn for money
  16. Never underestimate the abilities of celebs to blow amazing amounts of cash.

  17. Dear lord I hope so

  18. With as many guys that want to see that happen, some kind of mystical force derived from the sheer volume of hormones dedicated to those desires will make it happen.
    They are powerless to resist.

    Or some crazed guy with a shotgun. Either way.

  19. whatever it takes, yo