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Something weird going on with Ukrainian news websites. It tries to download an exe file. It's not just one either, it's a bunch of official government sites.
Listened to a disheartening telegram. Dude was like we're outnumbered and dont have enough ammo, We send six they send twelve.

Kinda hits different. I guess it always does on the ground but. :/

In case you didnt notice tuesday and wensday is when I catch up with everyone.
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We all knew that Russia was just going to keep throwing bodies at the problem until they win. But that sucks to hear that shit at a personal level. :(
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Yes. Young men are still being sent to die by Putin. Families are watching their homes get bombed to rubble by Putin, sometimes while they are still in them. Women are getting raped by soldiers sent by Putin.

Yes, Virginia there is a war
You're expecting an awful lot of attention span from a stewardess, chief.
A) It's covered just about everyday on the news.
B) Did you expect a land invasion of a European country to be over in a few days o_O
Actually most of the military "experts" thought Ukraine would fall pretty quickly.

Asa thought it could last longer because the Russians would get stuck in the mud.

I don't think anyone realized how inept the Russian Military actuality was.
"Gesture of good will" from the invaders
Last day, three Russian Ka-52 in Kherson region intended to attack our units, but... put a blow to their own.
Returning, the occupiers' helicopters came under the "friendly" fire of frightened calculations of the Russian troops' anti-air defense. Russian air defense has never been different in accuracy, so the zagarbniki shot down only one of their impact ka-52 out of three. It's a pity..."

Shitty translation of a Russian friendly fire incident. Ka-52 are helicopters btw.
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The ministry of defense official fb is getting weirdFB_IMG_1661100131185.jpg
The caption was javelin believed in us"