ugghh. I hate when I eat breakfast.

SpangeMonkee said:
I hate it when I eat anything within the first two hours I'm awake. I feel so sick afterwards. I think my system isn't ready to process the food and responds with nausea and ickiness.

Well, eat two hours later or get up two hours earlier.

Problem solved. I accept cash, checks, paypal, and rare collectables.
You'll have to train your body to like it. These days I don't eat much in the mornings but when I was doing my military thing I ate a decently sized breakfast. One bowl of porridge or cereal, a couple of sandwhiches and two glasses of orange juice or whatever was available. And sometimes an apple on top of that.
b_sinning said:
That's going to take some serious dieting. Good luck. You taking any suppliments to help it along?

Thermogenics, whey protein, CLA, multivitamins, and Papaya Enzymes

I started this whole weight lifting thing because I wanted to get a 6 pack.