Hawt UF's Family Feuds game v. poopsicle

Dory Berkowitz-Bukowski

Clam whisperer
Oct 15, 2004
Robin Hood Country
(Family Fortunes for us tea drinkers)

I have drawn the family lines arbitrarily as follows:

Family Poopdeck: Drool, Chikken, tre, Ghost, kiwi, Coqui, Duke, dzbeag, onnotangu, Floptical, ZRH, SemperFly. Dharma

Family: Cataids: April, fly, Liam, Juli, DJB, eileen, ITBWIP, Kiki, Casper, Rollout, shamwow, Casmo, Wes

Current tally: Poopsters 1 Aids 0!

Out of 100 nerds surveyed what were the top answers when asked 'What's you favourite thing to do whilst pooping?'

Answers below please. I may or may not donate marklar to winning answers.

Please answer thoughtfully, I spent at least 65 seconds thinking up this game so respect my time accordingly.
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We're calling you Roy nowadays? That's cool.

Well Roy, sometimes I like to brush my teeth while I poop.
Boy that is nasty, you have cataids.

Actually though on the radio yesterday they said 40% of people surveyed had brushed their teeth either in the bath or in the shower. What is up with that?

Why would anything be wrong with that, Roy?