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FYI UFC - I rely on you farks to tell me when its on.

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. Apparently its tonite, for anyone else that didn't know. Tell me about this card.
  2. It's balls out brutal.

    Kinda like a dbzeagchachacha party
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    Apparently the Russian Space Station is taking on some kind of pre historic police officer.

    [​IMG] V. [​IMG]

    Battle of the decade!
  4. It's being broadcast on the Twelve Russian Satellite's Television Network
  5. UFC is about as exciting as watching people cross the street. I don't care how extravagant the moves are. Afterward you could watch a Poker tournament.
  6. So who won?

    I made the mistake of trying to switch my HTPC from W7 to Ubuntu and couldn't really watch the fight. What a nightmare. As of this morning, its back to W7
  7. In the end no-one wins. Or we all do. Whichever.
  8. Outside of the Sherk/Dunham fight, it was a really crappy card, you didn't really miss anything.