[Contest] UFC 125: Resolution (Edgar vs Maynard)


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Nov 11, 2008

Main Card

Note: All draws are considered loses
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I haven't heard of any of these people. Will any of the fights be interesting?

edit: That was a lie, I think Ive heard of Silva and maybe Diaz. But whatever
edgar is the guy that surprised everyone and beat penn twice, will be interesting to see what he can do against other opponents.

guida is the crazy bastard with the crazy hair and he's fighting gomi who was a big deal in pride but has just started to get his momentum going in the UFC... so that should be a good fight. probably a short fight, clay will run in and gomi will KO him.

the diaz/kim fight will probably go to decision but should be decent.

its not a terrible card, but nothing overly great either.
I haven't heard of any of these people. Will any of the fights be interesting?

edit: That was a lie, I think Ive heard of Silva and maybe Diaz. But whatever

Actually they should all be interesting fights. They are all matched up well, with none of the fights having a clear advantage through either skill nor style.

I'll break each fight down for you:

Edgar vs Maynard:
Edgar is a boxing striker with great footwork. His speed was key to his consecutive wins over BJ Penn. He will need to keep the fight standing and out point Maynard with strikes to win this fight. Maynard on the other hand is an undefeated wrestler. His striking is lacking, but he does have heavy hands and will KO anyone if he connects. If Maynard gets you on the ground he will dominate you, as he is one of the best wrestlers in MMA.

Leben vs Stann:
Both of these guys are heavy-handed brawlers. They will both come out swinging, so this fight will be decided by who has the best jaw.

Silva vs Vera
Very good match up here. Vera is a great kickboxer with good Jitz. Silva is a Jitz black belt, with good striking. Both have the ability to KO you or sub you quick. I believe this fight will come down to who is more aggressive. Vera, although he has the skills to be the light heavyweight champ, he lacks consistency in pulling the trigger. Silva has been criticized for the same thing.

Guida vs Gomi
To lightweight fighter who are quick and exciting to watch. Both have good skills in every aspect of MMA, but I would say Gomi is the higher skilled fighter in this fight. What Guida lacks in skills to Gomi, he more than makes up with heart. Guida can take a beating and then some. Must see fight.

Diaz vs Kim
Diaz is a decent striker, who uses his jab a lot. He also has pretty good Jitz skills. Kim is a world class Judo fighter who also has decent striking skills. Kim is still yet to taste defeat. I would say Kim should take this fight, but it really is a close match up so anyone could take it.
the judges love edgar for some reason.

i thought the fight was a straight up draw too though, surprised it ended up called that way.
I dunno how that was a draw.

I had the rounds scored like this:

1: 10-8 Maynard
2: 10-9 Edgar
3: 10-9 Maynard
4: 10-9 Edgar
5: 10-9 Maynard

48-46 Maynard.

These judges are a joke..