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[Contest] UFC 124 GSP vs Koscheck

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. 10k on GSP
    5k on Alves
  2. I really don't rate Koscheck all that good. In my opinion he did not get this title shot because he's performed well and defeated big names. He got it because GSP has beaten everyone else.

    I really feel that GSP is going to beat on Kos like he did to BJ Penn. Maybe even worse.
  3. i would totally agree normally. been a year of upsets though.

    i mean, frankie edgar was the koscheck going into that fight. then he was the koscheck during round 2... :wtf:
  4. Edgar is a much better fighter than Koscheck.

    I'm really hoping Alves does well. His striking is awesome to watch.
  5. I hope GSP actually beats his ass this time and not just lay on him and wrestle like last time. I put my money on Danzig.
  6. I didn't watch this last season of TUF simply because I hate Koscheck that much..
  7. all of it on GSP. here's hoping for a knockout
  8. Im thinking of adding a betting currency different than marklar. May make the betting more fun, cause then we'd know who's actually smart. Good idea?
  9. Well considering the fly mart doesn't work any more, it doesn't matter either way..
  10. It doesn't? I hadn't heard.

    edit: Oh ya, your title. :lol: No idea on that one. But other than that, I think it works.
  11. I smell conspiracy :(
  12. what good would another currency be if you can't use it?
  13. canadian $
  14. Given the choice of Canadian $ or marklar, most economists go with marklar.
  15. is it true hasbro prints all of canadas money?
  16. You could use it. For more betting.
  17. And if I do it, it will indeed be called Canadian marklar :lol:
  18. Canadian Tire money would be the best way to go.... :lol:

    it would be great if you could keep betting stats....