Baby UF Timeline - For the new kids


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Oct 29, 2004
10/1/2004 - Theac and Fly make gay pact in bed to start a new forum. With $10 and a plan written on a napkin they venture out into the internet. April comes along, but no one cares.

10/1-Whenever - Genmayers looking for a new place to crash due to too much silliness come here.

10/15/2004 - theac accidentally invites the annoying Angleesh teenage girl to the forum, much to everyone's annoyance. Everyone acknowledges, but awkwardly avoids the pedorific implications. Decades of British/American goodwill and unity are setback irreparably.

10/29/2004 - I join, world trembles. Fuck you, I'm awesome.*

6/2005 - Battlefield 2 is released, most of the UFers play. Smileynev repeatedly kills himself with artillery while playing commander, gets frustrated, never returns to play again.

2/2006 - The Great Tampa meet of 2006. Numerous UFers meet in Tampa, good times are had, awkward looks are exchanged in a restaurant when the drink bill arrives, GH0ST gets doped up on every allergy med known to man to sleep in a house infested by cats. Hilarity ensues.*

6/2008 - Foram revolution. theac abuses his power and creates an illegal clone army bans some people because they tell him he sucks. Section 8 is born. Theac leaves a few weeks later, citing creative differences with basically everyone.

11/11/2008 - Pork Soda (aka every name ever), Becky, and Wilona Woods join. The fires from the flame wars still burn in parts of the world. Millions dead.*

2/10/2010 - UF crosses the great generation gap as someone's father joins. He becomes a great asset, and gets man of the year award from a prestigious magazine place like Maxim, or whatever they have over there in that country no one cares about.

8/14/2010 - First UF forum marriage with the union of F33nX and Valve1138, herefore known as Mr and Mrs Valve, as witnessed by hawk82 and Syrup Beaver

9/2012 - You kids join

10/3/2012 - GH0ST breaks WAW.

Give me more dates/info to add and I will put it in the list.

Annnnnd, go.

*- Sarah left
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I think most of the "new" people have been members for years but spent all their time at genmay because it was too dull here in comparison