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Halp UF Military Personnel

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by OzSTEEZ, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone of of the US Military personnel here have NIPRNET? If any do, I need a URL tested. Let me know an I'll PM the URL to you.
  2. ha. don't fall for it, he's trying to wikileaks you.
  3. :waw:

    I just need someone on NIPRNET to load our Australian Defence Website to tell me what they get on the page.
  4. the website will give you a trojan!
  5. trojans are so 1998
  7. so that's how you got a kid
  8. Yeah... 1998 BC!

    Actually I think it was closer to 1200 BC. Whatever.
  9. I think 1998 was the last time I used Back Orifice.
  10. And SubZero also..
  11. thats when you moved onto sub7 huh?
  12. sub7 I never really got into. The interface was weird.
  13. DB still uses the back orifice daily.
  14. I remember that shit. lawl
  15. Sub7 was awesome, back in the day when Roadrunner didn't block SMB ports. Add the sub7 install to the Startup folder, BAM
  16. Yea, would be no fun these days cause you would get your ass booted off your isp for port scanning probably.
  17. i doubt they would care, assuming they even track it. all that stuff is blocked tho. :(
  18. if you run virus software it will pick it up as soon as you try to put it on your computer..
  19. yeah, but back when i was using it - most people didnt...