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Food UF Fart Group? - EAT YOUR PEAS

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by fly, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Generally boards are shipped in big ass pallets. If it's from a big store I wouldn't expect that.
  2. It comes on a pallet with a bunch of other cedar wood from the cedar sawmill.

    Even if it came in contact with pressure treated wood somehow, almost all new PT wood is treated with copper azole, which you can pretty much eat. CCA pressure treated wood has been banned for >10 years.
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  3. Run it through the planer. All set

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  4. I just go outside and collect some branches from the cedar tree

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  5. I'm sure his cedar fence board has been weathered enough over umpteen years it's just fine.

    Hint:. There's a reason cedar fence posts are coveted down here. They're naturally bug and rot resistant (natural oils). No chemical treating needed. Just don't burn too many in the fireplace.
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  6. Depends where you are. There are places that will treat your lumber with it somewhere near Dad, but they only do it in individual batches.

    Hipster pressure treated, if you will.
  7. Just buy buy some cedar shake siding. Not shingles. Comes 18 & 24" long, different widths.
  8. Yep. This particular set of pickets had been unfinished and left in the sun for 15 years. I have them because they make great fire starters. The fence in question got blown down, and was replaced by a concrete wall.
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  9. Tried this. Too thin, catches fire too easily.
  10. Then the God knows what else clause of my post still stands. Home Depot generally isn't a place I would purchase food grade items. Obviously, do whatever you'd like though...
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  11. I find gods to be kind of gamy

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  12. The old dude in the bottom left is awesome

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  13. Can someone please alert the daily fail that it's "Chile"?

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  14. And I thought I was anal.:lol:
  15. Posted at Christian's Pub in St. John's, where Bourdain got screeched in.

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