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Baby UF’Huahua

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by Maureen, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. She's going to paint your wicker red.
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  2. CEO - Why 'Toasty'?
    Maureen - 'uh........ NM, I'll go sleep on the couch and save us the in between part'
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  3. he doesn't even know there's a dog yet, so the name is probably a bit down on the list of things he's gonna be mad about

    maybe "daggers" is a good name for this bitch
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  4. I said, I said, who in the Foghorn Leghorn are you ?????!!!!

    She ain’t no 1/8th latina

    Riiiiiiight? Imagine my BF cuddling with her and calling her TOASTY in a creepy baby voice

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  5. Holy fawk lmaoooooooo
  6. Omg I’m screaming
    Ahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha :lol:
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  7. Why, that's Eddie. A good friend to everyone.
    If you let him be one.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. .

    This will end well.... No matter who you are, springing a pet on someone is a bad idea.

    Dog is gonna be gone in a week, or maureen is gonna be broken up again.
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  10. Yeah but the breaking up part was most likely going to happen with or without the dog involved.
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  11. And that one person rat isn't going to help her get someone else.:mad: Doomed to become a female incel. j/k j/k
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  12. Domon I really don’t give flying fuck what that guy has to say about my sons dog.
    I have given up the way too much for this guy and I’m so sick of his control so if he doesn’t like it and it’s a deal breaker then so be it.
    I was ok before him and I’ll be ok after him. Fuck him
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  13. good job standing up for yourself.

    Are you not living in his house or something of the like these days?
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  14. now let's see if she can sit, or roll over.
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  15. Yes and no. It’s so complicated
    We got a house that he lives in 50km away
    My son is on school in my town for another 2 weeks then we make our full move to his house.
    Movers are booked
    Internet/cable gets cut off on the 30th
    Kiko registered at new school.
    50% of my shit is sold
    The rest is almost packed

    I called off the move last week.
    So yea we’re on a break
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  16. Mutual hall passes?
  17. so, you're single, eh? :hay:
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  18. Look at this hooker shitting 12 inches away from her pee-pad.
    She’s so dead

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  19. That’s on her puppy-cam
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  20. Owner error. It works a lot better if they are semi-contained. Something as big as that cardboard box - piss pad in one end, food/water(MUCH smaller dishes) and sleeping at other end. You've given that kid a toilet as big as the galaxy.:lol:
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