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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. It depends on what field you're in
  2. Sure, it also depends on the time of year and the color of your shirt too.
  3. There are something things that are extremely hard to learn on your own like business plans, balance sheets, managing a P&L, AOP planning etc.
  4. honest question:

    How is paying someone else for 2 years of full time schooling easier than two years of DIY learning?
  5. well, it's not like you can teach yourself nuclear medicine.
  6. How are you going to get the DIY? No real company is going to let someone risk their money by learning on the job.
  7. I don't have that experience. In fact, in the small to medium sized biz world there's countless examples where the 'right hand guy,' or '2nd in line,' takes over/gets the promotion simply because they already have significant experience as support personnel and company loyalty for the position they are moving into.
  8. I agree with you 100% on that. I'm more referring to medium to large sized. Or anything where there's a good amount of revenue going through. If the person's intention is to very successful both financially and career wise then there is usually a ceiling they will hit with the school piece. If they are content on making what they are or being on a certain level of manager with no real responsibilities outside of people management then by all means they are fine with no school. But as I've said the entire time this all depends on the field of work they are in. There are some fields you don't need anything.
  9. Another example lets say you have to make a proposal to either the board, owners, investors, bank, etc. And you have no idea on your business plan, AOP spending, the P&L, the balance sheet and future projections on how that will affect the balance sheet, all of the items I stated before. You will laughed out of the room or denied. Yes you can be a people manager but you can't actually run the business without knowing what you're doing. Yes you do get a ton of exp doing OJT but you have to have a foundation or idea of whats going on to build that OJT on top of.
  10. I have two classes where I'm actually starting businesses for the class. One is a mini business only intended to last through the semester but the other one is a full business I hope to maintain. Pair that with basic skills and mentoring and they've been great.
  11. What's your full business?
  12. Designing and selling quilt patterns.
  13. So I was texting April yesterday to ask about grouping together to join forces on Etsy. I figure the big problem is getting people to come to your shop, if we have a variety of wares, maybe we can get more folks interested.

    Any interest in joining forces?
  14. Clothing optional.

    Right, Dharma?
  15. No, I said this was the one proposition I was giving you that does require clothing!
  16. No wonder you are having such a difficult time generating interest.
  17. I listen/read gewd.
  18. show up naked anyway. Its the only way to assert dominance.
  19. She also marks things.
  20. It's possible that you don't understand the meaning of this word.