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Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Hello 150,000k+ in student loans.

    I am never going back to school. They say college isn't for everybody and that's the truth for me.
  2. I would strongly suggest getting both a JD and MD.
  3. really the only reason to go to the fancy pants school is purely for the connections you make while there. That is why schools like Harvard breed so many successful people.
  4. pfft, you're clearly doing things wrong. Ive never had a cent in student loans.
  5. Only one's I had was for the room and board my freshman year.
  6. Pfft, I obviously had more fun in high school than you. :p
  7. 18 credits?
  8. Echoing Aprils comments school really depends on your field. Some jobs you clearly need the schooling and certifications that come with that to do. Others like IT you can easily make 200k a year with no school but just experience.
  9. Unless its ivy league and you're 22, MBAs are relatively useless.
  10. idk. I think even 'X credit hours toward my YYY MBA' shows additional effort. the 'above and beyond' the standard BA/BS.

    Practially, yeah, useless. But 'hey looky here' it's something more than the guy without one.
  11. eh, it was free. I learned some strategic business management skills that i would not have otherwise.
  12. eh, it was free. I learned some strategic business management skills that i would not have otherwise.
  13. reinforcement. That's a good strategy! ;)
  14. I'm halfway through. Sam took a long nap today!

    I dunno. I'd love to have that business knowledge at this point in my life.
  15. I got a business management degree, but the best learning came from on the job. The degree was just to get in the door, I can't say it really taught me anything but to be more annoyed with working with others.
  16. there's a brit guy, millionaire dude who didn't go to college, who says he hires right out of HS & in 4 years, his employee will make more and interview for better positions than a college grad simply because they have 4 yrs experience.
  17. I'm cool with that, some people don't need another four years to mature. :fly:
  18. Except most of that crap doesn't apply to the real world anyway. Wanna learn how to administer a business? Start one.
  19. Yeah, of course none of this applies to ex-mil. For the rest of us, an MBA usually isn't worth it.
  20. Tsrh