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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I'm not sure what else Pythagoras did other than geometry and the like.

    I'd go with Archimedes.
    Pitch it to HBO or Showtime so you can ensure good violence, and good sex. Make the pilot a 2 hour recounting of his actual life, up until his death. Show how closely tied in he was with the royalty of his city (some place in Sicily), how he solved issues for the King, strengthened his city's defenses, and created Greek fire.
    Show how, supposedly, a Roman soldier came upon him while he was trying to solve a problem and killed him despite explicit orders not to do so.

    Then ask what might have happened if the soldier had not slain him.
    Archimedes gets captured and taken to Rome where it's leaders are happy to host him and encourage him to keep developing weapons and better engineering in order to strengthen Rome.
    However Archimedes is angry. His beloved city has been sacked by the Romans (and everyone knows what those sons of dogs do to a city they've just sacked), he has been captured and spirited away, his family is slain, and now he's a pawn in Roman politics.
    What would have happened once he had a plan in place to show his revenge upon his Roman captors? How he would have to move through Roman society in order to gain power and prestige? What sort of deals would he have to engage in in order to prevent him being executed for crimes against Rome?

    Call it Archimedes' Lever
  2. Banshee is still good.
  3. Yes, it is. Caught the 4th ep over the weekend. Very well done show.
  4. Isn't this kinda like the first iron man or something?
  5. I can see some parallels, but in the original Iron Man he escaped and left VietNam so he could go back to 'Mericuh
    This would be more working from within to bring down the empire
  6. Just watched all of Dollhouse. Shame fucking fox cancelled yet again. You think Joss Whedon would learn after the whole Firefly debacle.
  7. Dollhouse sucked because of average writing and Eliza Douchecoooooo
  8. the summer glau curse
  9. I catch that show sometimes and I agree. What I wonder is how can anyone watch that show and still give that guy and his crew money to go mining? Every year their season is a cluster f*ck in one way or another.

  10. Eliza Duschu is hot fucking sex.
  11. I don't watch it, however if you focus only on the fuckup of the shop...
  12. Firefly


    etc etc etc
  13. I enjoyed it. The writing for some characters was very poor, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Interesting concept.
  14. Agreed, but shes a terrible actress
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    She's a total c-word.
  16. My vehicle has become: Salt Beast!
  17. Do you... Assault others in it?
  18. Shut your dicktrap.
  19. Fvdhhssvdjssbdsjdb
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    @Coqui What did you think of Sleepy Hollow's season finale?