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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

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    i think there is something wrong with me... i literally laughed out loud at the bad girl closet

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    While I'm waiting for Orange Is The New Black to release season 2 and I've gotten all caught up with Walking Dead I needed a new series...

    I tried Breakout Kings but after episode 2 I had to stop it was horrid.

    So thanks to @Applesauce and her posting about Weeds, I just finished my 2nd episode. So far so good!
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    See, the first 4 episodes were kinda hard for me to stay interested. But, after that, I was obsessed. It really picks up and is sooo retardedly funny!
  4. I'm on episode 3 season 2 already !!!! It's a great show!!
  5. Yayyyy loved that show so much!
  6. How many seasons is it? I don't even know :iono:

    Omg @ Silas poking holes in the condoms!!!!
  7. Omgg Silas is sooo hot. I felt so pedo whole watching that show! Lolololol
    It's 8 seasons!!
  8. OMG yaaaaaay 8 seasons !!!

    Fun fact: my brother and his GF named my nephew Sylas.
  9. My nephew (by marriage with ex) named his son that.
  10. It's a cool name! I didn't like it at 1st but now I love it.

    Ok so back up Weed Silas.....
    Why is he so needy!!!!
  11. It's explained later on. Basically, mommy problems.
  12. Ahhhh gotcha!
    I seriously love the show !

    My housekneegrow used to watch this and he used to ask me to watch it with him and I'd be like meh .... But I remember hearing him laughing when he watched it.
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  16. I had gotten rid of my US Netflix by accident in late summer and I was too lazy to switch it back so I'm super happy to see that they have updated the SOA episodes!!!
  17. I got two seasons into SOA and then dropped Netflix, I need to get back on that shit. Oh JAX, purrrrr.

  18. I still love that show, and hate the way it was cancelled.

    edit - ooo I see the bluray full series pack has gone way down in price...hhhmmm...