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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I'm not into the crazy ass gaming that you do, yet I'm not shitting up any gaming thread around here. You're not into it, great. Whoopideedoo.

  2. awwww do you have an emotional connection to a forum thread, do you? That's cute! :lol:
  3. crazy ass-gaming

    thats what i thought.
  4. Watching the movie Paul and Meth Damon, Todd from Breaking Bad just showed up. Lulz
  5. I just started watching it the other day, only 2 episodes in but it seems like it could be decent (and I've heard good things about it).

    I'm stoked that American Horror Story is back on, Jessica Lange is a badass bitch.
  6. He us soooooooo weird and creepy!
  7. Have you ever watched Weeds?
  8. Nope, heard it was good, but much like BB started way after the rest of the crowd. I started watching BB but stopped until Greg catches up. I'll probably start that one, too, at some point.
  9. I loved it! The main chick always had the cutest outfits and always had that Damn drink in her hand. :lol:
  10. See, I watched 4 episodes and I'm trying to get into it.
  11. It gets a bit redundant in the last two seasons, but I enjoyed it. Another one of those shows I watch while folding laundry since it's short. :hs:
  12. Right! That's what I'm feeling it will become.
  13. Finished up season 2 of Continuum, now I need something else to watch. Grabbing Under the Dome and Orphan Black.
  14. This is awesome. Wait for the ending.

  15. Anyone interested in Almost Human?

    I like the acting that Karl Urban did as Eomer in LotR so I will at least give it a chance.
  16. I like Karl Urban in almost everything he does. He's my new man crush. Excellent in Star Trek, ignoring the bullshit JJ Abrahms did with the series. Liked him a lot in R.E.D. as well. I'll give Almost Human a run, I just hope it doesn't turn into some kind of Will Smith I Robot knockoff.
  17. OMG, so I watched Orange is the New Black.

    I wish I Was WARNED that there was one damned season!!
    Cuz, when it ended, I was chowing away on some Boo Berry then alls a suddens Netflix asks me "Looking for something to watch?" When I Was expecting to go right to the next episode! POOPPPPPPP

    It's SUCH a good show!!!! The 2nd season doesn't start until 2014 and AUS doesn't have Netflix yet!! :( : :( :(
  18. That stuff creeps me out. :(

    Like imagination overload stuff. :(
  19. :lol:

    I just wanna know how ol' Marge poured the muffin batter so neatly?!