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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. RIGHTTT!!
  2. Star Trek: Enterprise, the last two season were pretty good, after B&B were gone.
  3. No I hate Breaking Bad too. It's just boring.
  4. OK, you're right. Satisfying ending. I am able to take it all as sort of... a story of someone's life that a person is telling to me. :lol:

    Real talk, yo:
    Still sad over Walt's fam. :( :( :( No one wins there, but tooooooootally happy with Walt being dead. He saved Jesse & that made me happy & killed all those low life asses. :heart: I wish they, (Jesse & Walt), would have hugged at least once, sincerely throughout the series, but Walt was too much of an asshole to ever be personable, I guess. Lmao him recruiting Badger & Skinny Pete for the laser show. :lol: Hm.

    Not sure what will ever come close to that show! :(

    *withdrawals are happening already
  5. Fu.
  6. I haven't even watched the last season yet... I'm scared to end it on my head
  7. Sorry, but I have to chuckle at all this emotion over a fictitious story.
  8. The show is that good. No joke.

  9. I have a hard time following fictional stories. Movies are better because it's wrapped up in an hour. I watch 10 second bits here and there when Juli was watching Breaking Bad. It's always just people standing on screen talking to one another. I would rather shit down my own throat than sit there watching that happen for 30 minutes every week.
  10. You have to lay ground work in order for the crazy shit happen.
  11. You aren't giving it a chance therefore you can't have a reputable opinion.

    I should fine you like I want to do a news reporter. :p

  12. Crazy shit? Like what, more talking to each other?
  13. :waw:
  14. Do you want spoilers or do you want us to just tell you things happen?
  15. 247 murders in the show. I don't think that counts the 20 or so in the last 8 eps.

  16. Actually. I am.

    Since I'm talking about fictional stories, aka all tv shows, and since I have watched TV shows before. I have given them a chance. It's just that somewhere along the way as I got older, I lost interest in non-factual stuff. I have no interest in sitting down and listening to a fictional story. I'd much rather watch news or sports. Or better yet, get on the PC so at least I can interact with something.

    I'm just very cynical. In fact, that should be my middle name.
  17. :lol: wow so much crazy!
  18. You can't spoil it for me, because I will never watch it.
  19. Good. Move along then.