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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Werd. Thanks.
  2. Ok, :lol:
  3. A&E is starting a spin off series, I think next year? Same zombie apocalypse, but a different group of survivors somewhere in the world fighting the good fight.
  4. This is a terrible idea.
  5. I'm torn, it could be Fraiser or it could be After MASH lol.
  6. If they go full on with a military style reprisal so there is less drama and more extreme zombie killing, I'm in.

    Like Starship Troopers with Zombies instead of bugs.
  8. Don't you ever get sick of watching The Notebook over and over? ;)
  9. Why? You've gone this far. Finish off the series! Is this some sort of fulfillment through denial thing? Hah.
  10. Hes been pissed ever since gilmore girls went off the air
  11. Same with fly but that's because he couldn't ogle the jailbait daughter anymore.
  12. I tried to wath the notebook like a week ago. I fell asleep. I dont get it :(
  13. 2 hours of people yelling at eachother.
  14. Never seen it. Just knew it as a stereotypical chick flick.
  15. Well, I watched ep 1 of season 6 last night. I just don't want it to ended. Lol!
  16. If youre talking about breaking bad, it actually has a satisfying ending
  17. I really want Walt to burn to the ground. He is such a dickhead. :lol:
  18. The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife are super funny
  19. Movies? Shows?
  20. Shows