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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Anyone watching Orange is the New Black?
  2. racist.
  3. The Walking Dead is back, I'm a happy camper again.
  4. Lol
  5. The Walking Dead is awful. The writing is nonexistant and every single character could die and I basically wouldn't care at all. Not signs of a good production.
  6. I hope you get bit in the ass by a walker...
  7. but it was filmed right outside shamwows window.
  8. Watched the first 3 eps
    Seems pretty good, Ill keep watching it
  9. Come on.

    How is it critically acclaimed in ANY category other than costume design? The writing is awful. The acting is awful. The plot varies between awful and absent altogether. It's actually worse than True Blood. True Blood at least owns what it is and doesn't take itself seriously.

    Take the last episode. It literally rained zombies inside a grocery store. The roof collapsed while our heroes just happened to be inside, and while there just happened to be a sh*t ton of zombies trapped on the roof. Why did the roof collapse? Because a zombie stepped on a certain spot. Mind you, this is a roof that survived a helicopter crash COMPLETELY INTACT (there is literally a crashed helicopter ON the roof), but a zombie stepping on a certain spot caused the roof to cave in.

    I want them all to die. I want them all to die, and I want a new cast of two, possibly three new characters to find their bodies and then eat them, just so I can possess the knowledge that Officer Boring Face got shat out of someone.
  10. Ive enjoyed it so far, and this season has a new producer/show runner
    He was on the after-show and seems like hes really interested in creating a great story with the show.
    Well see.
  11. If you hate it soooooooooo much tne why are you watching it? duh.
  12. I tune in like once every 10 episodes, and every single time I say to myself "Jesus Christ, how are people still watching this?"
  13. never been a trekkie, but started watching Star Trek: TNG from the start.

    Its not nearly as cheesy as i assumed it would be, its actually rather good, the episodes have some depth.
  14. I should make a live-action Left 4 Dead show. Every episode features Ghost abandoning everyone and mass carnage. That would be fun.
  15. is he a run-a-header?
  16. You should just go suck a fart out of a goats ass
  17. Every round started with the same statement. "Keep up or die."
  18. I feel like that would just lead to him dying, and the rest of the group being fine. Then you just dont save his ass from the room
  19. TNG was actually some decent quality.

    DS9 is good when viewed in it's entire continuity. It's like the only ST that actually had an entire story arc. You could argue voyager had one, but their arc was simply 'get home'. DS9 actually had some depth in regards to the lore regarding cardassia, Bajor, and a lot of mythology regarding the existing wormhole and the sentient species controlling it, along with a group called the founders and their involvement in so many things.

    I'd ignore voyager. And Star Trek: Enterprise. They were not really entertaining.
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    This honestly should be its final season. One more and everyone will hate it, they should end it this season while they're ahead.