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Food TV shows that you may not be watching but should be

Discussion in 'useless chatter' started by water, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. I wasnt a big fan before, but Season 5 Parks and Recreation is hilarious
  2. Omg, Jane the junkie just choked to death on her vomit. Yayyyyyyyyy
  3. *wink*

    Now you'll figure out the backyard mess. :-D
  4. Ok so, do you mean Mr. White's backyard?
  5. Yaup! With the shit all over the place... :omy:

    It's kinda sad. :hs:
  6. Yah, I saw the next episode where Jane's father crashes some planes into each other. But, what confusions me is in those "preview" scenes they would show before previous episodes, it shows men in white suits picking up all the debris, like especially that pink bear and Mr White's glasses, etc. But, in the episode where the planes actually crash, it shows Mr White picking up the bear and stuff?!
  7. They edit previews sometimes to eliminate spoilers and such. Or sometimes it is too graphic.
    Seen the preview for the new Carrie movie? You know it is pigs blood poured on her at prom, but in the previews it looks like chocolate syrup. Like that
  8. Hmm... I don't remember now.
  9. No, this is totally different.

  10. He does, fwiw, the writer said so in the after-show on finale night.
  11. Yes, he lives. So they can make a breaking bad movie. How Walter White survived a M40 to the belly, and returning lung cancer, to now become 'Mr Grey' special undercover agent for the DEA.
  12. Did they say how he got shot and Jessie didn't?
  13. We was laying on top of jessie. So, 1 higher up, 2 covering most of jessies body. Since both were still below the level of the initial gunfire, I have to assume Walt caught a ricochet or deflection. Jessie taking a hit would have been a remote chance
  14. Let's be honest, its an intentional artistic oversight. Soft tissue doesn't usually double as a M60 shield. Still a good finale tho.

  15. It hit him laterally across the abdomen, jessie was was just out of the line of fire by being pressed to the floor. When the gun was firing you could see it bucking up and down, so walt being hit while that low to the ground is not unsurprising
  16. Yeah but,

    I farted
  17. you bastard
  18. it was bad. smoked out the entire McD's play center. Children died. CHILDREN FOR FUCKS SAKE
  19. Well there's one way to stop them from throwing tantrums in public!